General Terms:

A valid drivers license and passport will be required for presentation to our representative before renting the vehicles in order to validate the rental terms of all our vehicles.

The vehicles are parked close to Faro airport, and can be collected and returned at the: Villa; Hotel; or Airport (Park 2). If a vehicle is returned to another car park the client will be charged accordingly to the time parked.

If a client is dissatisfied in any way with the condition of the vehicle, this must be reported straight away to the Holidays Cars representative upon car pick-up.

What is Included:

fully insurance (Zero excess, super CDW); option to add drivers to the agreement at no extra; baby/child/seat boosters are available at no cost.

1. Collision Damage Waiver:

Our Super CDW- (Excess insurance of 0 Euros). Means if there is a collision you won’t be charged.

What is Not Included?

  • Car keys lost;
  • Car docs lost;
  • Fuel level lower than upon car pick-up;
  • Flat tires due to off;
  • Broken wheels;

2. Additional Drivers:

You may add additional drivers to your car hire on arrival in Portugal at no extra cost.

What is Not Included:

Fuel is not included.

  • The car will be supplied with a certain amount of fuel, on which the client shall return it with the same fuel level as on car pick up.

Our Super CDW, is not a "licence to kill" and you will still be accountable for items like tyres, wheels, windows, wing mirrors, damages inside the car, lost coded keys or damage to the underside of the car.

3. Lost car hire vehicle keys:

Vehicle keys are chip-coded being costly and timely items to replace, please take good care of the car key while you're on holiday in Portugal, in case you lose the keys you’ll be accountable for it and please get in contact with us ASAP.

4. Using the wrong fuel type for your car hire vehicle:

If you put the wrong fuel into the car, expect a hefty garage bill. (all our cars are Diesel engines)

5. Blow-outs are at your own risk:

If you have a puncture during the rental the car hire company will hold you responsible for the repair/replacement cost. All our cars are delivered with a road-worthy set of tyres which are inspected prior to each delivery. Typically, bad parking or driving off-road are the most common causes of punctures during a rental period.

6. Off-road or negligent use:

They cannot be used off-road. Although a very rare occurrence, we'd like you to be aware that damage to the underside of the car is frequently caused by negligent driving or off-road which is your responsibility. Any accident caused by the driver under the influence of alcohol/drugs, or when no other vehicle is involved is considered negligent use, and on this specific case the insurance won’t cover you.

7. Traffic fines:

Traffic fines, speeding tickets incurred at the wheel of your car are at your own risk.

8. Vehicle glass & locks:

We strongly recommend that you park the vehicle in supervised car parks/garages and never leave any personal item inside the car hire vehicle.

9. The following items can be added to your car hire reservation in Portugal:

Baby Seats: Suitable for new-born babies until approximately 6/8 months of age.

Child seats: 1-3 years of age

Booster Seats: from 3 years till 6 years, or less than 1,5 meters heigh

You must reserve child seats at the same time as you reserve your car hire.

10. Motor Way (A22) tolls:

The highway that crosses Algarve, A.22 has TOLLs, hacing a cost electronically monitored per kilometre travelled.

When using the A.22, the cars registration number will be picked up automatically when passing the overhead scanners at the various locations by plate and chip device. This will determine how many zones you pass through on your journey.

Each zone has different prices, but the price per kilometer is approximately 9 cents (e.g. From Vila Real de Santo António to Lagos - € 11.60) –this is crossing all Algarve.

The payment for the use of the A.22 is automatic, being deductible from your breakage deposit, or you can pay us and receive the full breakage deposit (either way works the same) .

If you do not pay within this time frame, you will then receive the bill to be paid at home, this bill will have an added administrative tax for each time you have passed under a portal on A22 toll road.

The option of A22 is EN 125 which is free of charge.

11. Cross border charges:

You can’t rent vehicles one-way from Portugal, leaving them in another country.

12. Driving into Spain:

Please consult our local representative if you require to travel across the borders into Spain with regard to insurance required, accidents and vehicle recovery arrangements.

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